Good News: Government Of Canada Starts Easing Border Measures For Travel

The Canadian government has initiated the process of opening up the borders of the country for travel. Due to the very deadly second wave of the COVID-19, the borders had been sealed and a travel ban had been imposed to not let any foreigner enter the country. Shortly after, the ban was removed but the government had opted for a very strict set of rules for foreigners entering the country.

But now, the Canadian government is taking initial, responsible and required steps to gradually loosen up the travel ban and start opening the borders. This has been defined as the first phase of opening up the borders of Canada.

The Vaccine rollout in Canada and the public co-operation with the government in winning this fight against COVID-19 has led the government to announce the details of the first phase of easing the border measures.

Beginning from the 5th of July, 11:59 p.m. EDT, fully vaccinated travellers, permitted to enter Canada, will not be required to stay in quarantine or take a COVID test on day-8. The travellers travelling by air will also not be required to stay at a government authorized hotel anymore.

For the Canadian authorities, a fully vaccinated traveler refers to a person who’s received the full series of vaccination, at least 14 days before entering Canada, accepted by the Canadian government. Such fully vaccinated travelers should also meet all the mandatory requirements, including on arrival and before arrival vaccination. 

For people not yet vaccinated, the Canadian borders remain as strict as before. The provisions will not be applicable for them and they will have to follow all the precautions as before. It looks like the Government of Canada does not want to compromise with the safety of their citizens, but at the same time, also looks ready to gradually loosen up the borders. 

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