Indian Government Blocks 9 Channels On Youtube! The Reason Will Shock You

The Press Information Bureau’s Fact Check Unit on Friday flagged 9 such youtube channels for spreading fake news. They delivered false and derogatory statements to top constitutional functionaries and made misleading claims about the Army. 

Bajrang education and Aapke Guruji are two such channels that have significance number of subscribers, 34 lakhs for Aapke guruji and 24 lakhs for Bajrang Education. There are 9 such Channels on youtube who in total have 83 lakh subscribers. 

Source: Youtube

As per the officials, “YouTube channels exposed by PIB Fack Check Unit misattributed derogatory statements to persons occupying constitutional positions, including Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister of India, and Chief Election Commissioner.”

Source: New

“Some channels falsely claimed imposition of President’s rule in certain states, ban on electronic voting machines, and resignation or death of ministers. Fake news includes ban on `200 and `500 currency notes, closures of banks and false information related to the schemes and policies of the Government of India,” said the officials. 

The ministry officials also said, “The ministry has been issuing directions to block social media handles and digital channels, which were accused of spreading fake information intended to create disorder and spread misinformation on subjects sensitive from the perspective of national security, India’s foreign relations, and public order.”

Here are the channels which were blocked-

Bajrang Education 

Aapke Guruji

Bj News

Sansani Live TV

GVT News

Daily Study

Bharat Ekta News

Ab Bolega Bharat

Sankari Yojna Official

The FCU since November 2019 has been calling out such fake channels for spreading misleading  news. Now the action taken by the ministry has led to the blocking of 9 sites.

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