What Are Green Crackers? Know Features, Types, and Advantages

In the recent few years, the air pollution level has risen like a rocket. One of the major causes of the rising level of pollution is the use of traditional crackers. It is fun to set fire to firecrackers, but the harm it causes to nature is far worse than the joy it brings. In the midst of rising pollution levels, a new term ‘Green Cracker’ is now trending, that is said to be a suitable replacement for the traditional firecrackers without sacrificing any fun.

What exactly are Green Crackers? And why are these considered as the future of crackers? What are its types? Its advantages and disadvantages? If you are in the search of answers for all these questions, read this article.

What Are Green Crackers?

Green Crackers are an environmentally friendly solution to the nation’s air pollution problems and a brilliant step to combat climate change as well. These are developed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI); Green Crackers emit pollutants at a 30% lesser rate than their conventional counterparts. 

The raw materials used in Green Crackers are less polluting than the traditional crackers– chemical formula used in these crackers ensures that the particle emission into the atmosphere is reduced by suppressing the dust. These eco-friendly crackers release water vapor or air as a dust suppressant and for diluting the gaseous emissions.

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Features Of Green Crackers

Traditional crackers emit about 160 decibels of sound whereas Green Crackers’ emission rate is limited to 110-125 decibels. To differentiate green crackers from regular ones, a green logo and QR have been developed. Cracker manufacturers need to sign a deal with the CSIR to make fireworks using the green cracker formulation.

Types Of Green Crackers

There are three types of Green Crackers available in India so far–

SWAS (Safe Water Releaser)

STAR (Safe Thermite Cracker)

SAFAL (Safe Minimal Aluminum)


  • Release water vapor
  • No potassium nitrate and sulfur
  • Diluents for gaseous emissions
  • 30% less particulate matter released


  • No potassium nitrate and sulfur
  • Reduced particulate matter released
  • Reduced sound intensity


  • Minimal usage of aluminum
  • Magnesium used in place of aluminum
  • Reduced sound intensity

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Green Crackers:

Green crackers have several advantages over traditional crackers but as every coin has two sides, these crackers also pose some disadvantages too.

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Less Pollution:

The air quality has been declining as each day passes and during the winters smog (smoke + fog) has become a menace, especially after the auspicious festival of Diwali. Green crackers are less polluting so it can have a positive impact on this terrible situation.

Fewer Accidents:

It’s not a hidden fact that traditional crackers cause many accidents due to its loudness and the intense spark it produces. As already mentioned above Green crackers produce less sound and have a controlled spark intensity hence reduces chances of accidents.

Reduced Emissions:

The raw materials used in green crackers are less polluting than the regular ones and the particle emission into the atmosphere is reduced by suppressing the dust. Green crackers release water vapor or air as a dust suppressant and for diluting the gaseous emissions.

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Green crackers even have polluting chemicals like aluminum, barium, potassium nitrate, and carbon, but the quantity is so reduced that the emission is about 30%. Some of the green crackers really don’t use these harmful chemicals at all either.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Green crackers is that only the cracker manufacturers who have signed a deal with CSIR will be allowed to manufacture these Green crackers, which certainly leads to unemployment.

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The increasing air pollution in India needs the smallest of steps to be combated with. The use of eco-friendly solutions like Green Crackers is the need of the hour and will eventually contribute to greater effect.

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