Grooves Of This Sikh Man Impressed Crowd In Miami & Is Ruling The Internet As Well

Believe it or not but Punjabis are a real bunch of amazing people. They are crazy, brash, and yet so loving. Their aura is infectious. It’s bound to rub off on you and undeniably they are high on life. 

And if you still didn’t admit it, then you have to watch the video below. Like us, if you are also a social media addict, then you must have noticed a video of a turbaned man rounding all over the internet. The video is so entertaining that so many pages have shared the same. 

If you still didn’t get the clue, then we are talking about the video, ‘When in Miami’. A man named Saminder Singh Dhindsa is seen vibing in Miami. He won everyone’s heart with his free style dance moved. When Dhindsa saw some street dancers dancing, he surprisingly joined them. His freestyle dance steps and locking-popping really took the internet like a storm.

The guy knows how exactly to cheer you up with his antics. Saminder’s high spirit shows that Sikhs can shine out everywhere. Be it making anyone smile or helping someone in a struggle When it comes to Punjabi, praiseworthy words on friendly hospitality come naturally to the tongue.

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And this video is an example for the same. The guy is also famous for his folk dance style, Bhangra. And now, people are calling him ‘Miami Singh’. The comment section under his video post is bombarded with praiseworthy messages and undoubtedly the man deserves it all!

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