Gucci’s Latest Kaftan Looks Inspired From The Wardrobe Of Every Desi Household

One of the top brands of the World ‘Gucci’ has released a new Kaftan outfit. The Italian fashion house is quite popular for its luxury products like handbags, footwear, apparels and many more. It introduced Kaftans in 1996 and their latest kaftan collection is making headlines in various Asian countries.

As it is miraculous news for scores of Asian nations, who grew up in a culture where women often wear kurtas. And Gucci came up with their novel design as ‘Floral embroidery organic linen Kaftan’. For almost all Asians it is nothing but a regular kurta that women flaunt for ages. Gucci’s Kaftan collection ranges from USD 2,100 (Rs 1.5 lakh) to USD 3,500 (Rs 2.5 lakh).

On their official website, its description goes like ‘Crafted from organic linen, this Kaftan is enriched with a floral embroidery and self-tile Tassels. Ivory eco solarized organic linen, Neck opening with self-tie tassel’ 

Gucci Link

Seemingly like all other brands Gucci also seeks ideas from different countries and cultures. And it is a proud moment for all the individuals who relate to this kaftan as their everyday grab because their everyday clothing is inspiring the whole world.

Isn’t it cool that you already have something in your wardrobe which resembles Gucci’s latest design?

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