Guess who all are on a Road trip?

Here we are, sitting at our houses, somehow passing time and dreaming of a vacation, no, not like having more days off, but something like where we can enjoy our favorite destination. Are you also spending your days at home like us?

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But there is a group of people who are enjoying their road trip to not one or two, but multiple locations in India. Yes, and guess what? We all know them. We are talking about the entire team of Geet Mp3 with Jass Manak, which is enjoying each other’s company on a tour. Not only are they making us feel jealous, but also uploading cool pictures and videos too. 

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Their trip started from Mohali and headed towards Jaipur, then Ahmedabad, Pune, Mysuru, and finally Kanyakumari.

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The idea of a road trip to India is something that belongs to every individual. But we wonder, the entire team of Geet MP3 has literally experienced the trip, we all were planning with our group of friends during the entire lockdown. 

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