Guggu Gill Revealed Why Every Old Punjabi Movie Title Had The Word ‘Jatt’ In It

Punjabi Film Industry has now evolved itself to a great extent. Not only comedy, but several movies have been made highlighting serious issues like in ‘Punjab 1984’, ‘Sardar Mohammad’, ‘Ardaas Karaan’ and many more. Punjab movies are now shot on different locations carrying the beauty of every corner of this world.

Today Punjabi artists are getting globally popular, and their reach is escalating with every passing day. However, the early days of Punjabi Film Industry were not the same as today. The titles were different and so were the storylines.

Legendary Punjabi actor Gugu Gill’s movies ‘Anakh Jattan Dee’, ‘Badla Jatti Da’ and ‘Jatt Te Zameen’ are so popular that they are remembered even today. Guggu Gill stated that a reason behind every movie title having the word ‘Jatt’ in it. According to him, at that time, when a title got a hit in the entertainment industry, it was used to get tweaked and re-used many times in order to produce another hit. Not only this, when a story received a good level of appreciation, other movies were also made carrying that same essence. 

In an interview, Guggu Gill said, “Unlike today, at that time not so many subjects were chosen to make movies. Back then, there were just the stories from the village. It was thought that Punjabi movies are made to entertain Punjabi audiences only. Urban people and students were not so much linked to movies like today. It was a major reason behind Punjabi movie titles carrying the word ‘Jatt’ in it, because the stories of movies were actually about the lives of Jatts.” 

Well, Guggu Gill still carries the same amount of charm as he carried in his Pollywood classics. His presence is enough to make a movie hit; and his dialogue delivery still impresses Punjabi audiences very well.

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