Gujarat Bridge Collapse: Many People Missing, Death Toll Reaches 141 

The Machchu river bridge collapse in Morbi, Gujarat, led to the death of as many as 141 people, as per the news report of the BBC. Moreover, the report claims that still a lot of people are missing. Additionally, the local administration has been actively searching for the people and the rescue operation is ongoing. However, with such a large number of deaths, the incident has turned out to be very painful.

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Notably, the bridge was recently opened for the public, after being repaired. Though the eyewitnesses claim that it was heavily overloaded, which may be the reason behind its collapse. “A lot of people, including women, children, youngsters, all were on the bridge. They all were enjoying the Diwali holidays. The bridge was overloaded,” claimed an eyewitness. (source: BBC)

The bridge on the Machchu river in Morbi was built by the Britishers long ago. Popularly known as “jhulto pull” (hanging bridge), it was a famous place for the tourists as well as the local people. Reportedly, the bridge fell on Sunday at 18:40 India time (13:10 GMT), leading to the tragic death of several hundred people. Before it collapsed, a video showed it to be crowded with people. Moreover, as per the video of the bridge before it collapsed, it was heavily crowded. 

Furthermore, the videos and pictures of the collapse are viral on social media. Notably, several people could be seen clinging to the wreckage in social media videos as rescue workers tried to reach them. Some of the survivors managed to climb the shattered net of the bridge, while others were able to swim to the banks of the river. 

On the other hand, the opposition parties slammed the ruling party BJP over the incident. While the Congress party called it an Act of ‘Fraud’ not ‘God’, various other opposition parties have also demanded a thorough investigation of the incident. Meanwhile, Gujarat’s home minister said that a number of cases have been registered, and the authorities have assured a complete investigation in the matter.

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