Gujarat: Cong’s Last Hope Lost, Naresh Patel Drops His Plan To Join The Grand-Old-Party

For more than two months, there was news all across the media that Naresh Patel, an eminent Patidar leader in Gujarat, would join the Congress party and contest the assembly elections on the INC ticket. But as per the media reports, now Naresh Patel has dropped his plans of joining the grand-old-party. 

According to sources, Naresh Patel conducted a survey amongst the Patels, and the results of that survey weren’t that good. Media sources claim that Naresh Patel has now dropped his plan to step into politics. This is a jolt for the Congress party in Gujarat as after Hardik Patel’s exit, the party was looking for another popular Patel face in the state.

In Saurashtra region, the Congress party’s performance was historic in the last assembly elections. Patel youth icon Hardik Patel was one of the major reasons behind that performance of the Congress party in 2017. INC strategists were eyeing on the 34 assembly seats in Saurashtra region this time with the help of Naresh Patel, but now he isn’t joining the Congress party. 

With this, the Congress workers in Gujarat, are again demoralised. The grand-old-party is already facing a leadership crisis in the state. Former CM Shankar Singh Vaghela isn’t back in the party yet, senior leader and ex-union minister Bharat Singh Solanki has decided not to contest the assembly elections as his image is spoiled after the exposure of his family matters and Hardik Patel has already joined the BJP. 

On the other hand, the Congress high command is also going through a tough time with former national chief Rahul Gandhi being questioned by the ED in the National Herald case.

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