Gulab Sidhu And The Kidd Are Ready For An Upcoming Punjabi Track

Gulab Sidhu And The Kidd Are Ready For An Upcoming Punjabi Track

The Kidd is the hottest music producer in the Punjabi Music Industry right now. Recently, he was spotted with Punjabi singer Gulab Sidhu in a studio. Gulab Sidhu uploaded the picture of him and The Kidd on his instagram story and the picture confirms that the duo is upto a collaboration.

Gulab Sidhu and The Kidd are both good friends of Sidhu Moose Wala. The Kidd has worked with Sidhu Moosewala in countless tracks and was the major music producer in Sidhu’s most recent album, MooseTape. 

Gulab Sidhu has also worked with Sidhu Moosewala in the song ‘22 22’, which was a huge hit and has over 80 million views on Youtube. Gulab is also seen sharing various Sidhu Moosewala stories on his official instagram handle and supporting the artist. 

Gulab Sidhu’s story has confirmed that a big collaboration is on its way. Both of the artists are looking in recording state and are probably even recording for the track. Gulab even wrote the line ‘Kidd Vajjda Ae Beat’an Vich’ of the song IDGAF in his story.

It will be the first time the deadly singer-producer duo will be seen together in a track. Both the artists have never worked with each other for a song and the audience has their eyes fixed on them to see what this combination will deliver.

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