Gun License Granted To Bhaijan For Self-Defence In Response To Recent Death Threats

After applying for a gun licence for self-defense in response to recent threat letters, Bollywood star, ‘Bhaijan’ Salman Khan has been issued an arms licence. Recently, Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan received a threat letter from Lawrence Bishnoi gang, after which, he met Vivek Phansalkar, the police chief of Maharashtra.

As per the media reports, now Salman Khan has been issued an arms license. The reports even claim that he has been using an armoured and bulletproof Land Cruiser since he recieved those threats. As tweeted by the news agency ANI:

“Salman Khan issued gun license for self-protection after receiving threat”

On June 5, Salman Khan and even his father Salim Khan received a death threat, days after renowned Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala was shot dead brutally on May 29 in Mansa, Punjab. The death threat note was discovered by Salim Khan’s security staff outside his Mumbai residence close to the Bandra Bandstand promenade, where his father Salim Khan goes for a daily morning jog.

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As per the report of Zee News, the police sources on condition of anonymity, claimed, the threat letter in Hindi, quoted that Salman and his father Salim Khan would soon meet the same fate as late Sidhu Moose Wala. The letter quoted, “Tera Moose Wala bana denge”. The Maharashtra Home Ministry stated that the reason behind the Bishnoi gang’s threat to Salman Khan was to show their power. 

Even earlier, in 2018, Salman Khan had received threats from Lawrence Bishnoi gang, when the trial for the blackbuck killing case was going on. The blackbucks are considered to be sacred in the Bishnoi community. 

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