Meet Gundeep Singh Finalist Of Mr. India 2022: First Sikh To Represent Nihang Sikh’s Lifestyle In Mr. India 2022

Pageantry competitions are always fun to follow and keep an eye on. In the female dominated field, males are also not very far behind in mesmerizing the pageant lovers. Rubaru has organized the Mr. India contest for the year 2022 and sorted 37 finalists across the nation.

In those 37, one is Punjab’s son Gundeep Singh, who is making the whole punjab and sikh community proud with his participation and performance. Rubaru announced the national costume presentation segment in the Mr. India 2022 contest amid the 75th Independence Day celebration. The Candidates were asked to come up with costumes that could display the colorful and diverse beauty of our nation.

For the costume presentation segment, Gundeep Singh dressed as Nihang Sikh and presented the nihang sikh’s lifestyle to the world. In his presentation, he talked about Nihang Sikhs and also performed the sikh martial art called ‘Gatka’.

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In his presentation, he said that he is representing his culture and called himself a sikh warrior/Nihang Sikh. He explained the meaning of Sikh, a Sant Sipahi, which means a Saint Soldier. He also talked about the weapons that Nihang Sikh use. He performed the sikh martial art afterwards and ended his presentation with a shloka, 

Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas,

Khalse Mah Ho Karo Niwaas…

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalasa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh”

Before Gundeep, no other sikh has ever represented Nihang Sikhs on the national pageantry stage. This video of his made the community’s chest inflated with pride.

Gundeep Singh, the finalist of Rubaru Mr. India Contest 2022,  belongs to Amritsar,Punjab, and is currently based in Telangana. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. Gundeep is a businessman running his own firm. In addition to that, he is also a model and has attended a series of fashion events and ramp shows. He is a polyglot and can speak four languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi and Telugu.

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Gundeep’s passion for bike rides made him the brand ambassador of a biking fraternity. He has also achieved several milestones in the sector including covering a distance of 1700 Km in 24 hours. Gundeep has interests in fitness, weightlifting, sports and traveling.

We wish Gundeep Singh, All The Very Best for the upcoming segments in the Rubaru Mr. India 2022 contest and we hope he emerges as the Mr. India 2022…

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