Gur Sidhu And Jassa Dhillon Reunite As A Powerful Duo Ending The Old Rifts

Both Gur Sidhu and Jassa Dhillon are two of the most popular and talked about artists of the Punjabi Music Industry. But their names were recently involved in a controversy with each other when Jassa had unfollowed Gur from his Instagram which not only affected them but left the Industry and fans surprised too. 

The news of them parting ways was spreading and some people even said that they won’t be appearing in any future projects together. But recently, Jassa Dhillon dropped his EP Love War which consists of 5 songs and surprised fans as he has teamed up with Gur Sidhu. 

After the release of ‘Love War’, Gur Sidhu cleared out the rumors and took to his Instagram story. He shared a video of Jassa in which he clarified that the rifts were true and Jassa was angry with him. They had small disputes, but everything is now sorted between them.

It made fans delighted, as they will not have to witness another team break-up in the Punjabi Music Industry. Jassa and Gur together have dropped some of the most extraordinary songs of their career together, Talj, Pyar Bolda, Taakre, 1 On 1, Above All and Bhalwani Gedi are some of them. And as they have finally united, the fans have now become even more excited and waiting for this duo to release more projects in the coming future.

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