Gurdas Maan Says Baba Laddi Shah Is Descendant Of Guru Amardas Ji, Community Outraged On Statement

Gurdas Maan Says Baba Laddi Shah Is Descendant Of Guru Amardas Ji, Community Outraged On Statement

Punjabi veteran singer Gurdas Maan has been recently surrounded by many controversies due to his various remarks that do not go well with the public. Almost a year after the singer was subjected to a lot of hate for discrediting the Punjabi mother tongue, now he has again pushed himself into another trouble for his hurtful remarks.

The singer was in a live show, performing for the audience, when he started talking about the third Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Amar Das Ji. To everyone’s surprise, the artist said that Sai ji, the previous head of the Dera Baba Murad Shah, Sai Ghulam Shah Ji, who’s also known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji is the descendant of the third guru of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Amar Das Ji. 

The statement was not well received by the Sikh Community. The community immediately started backlashing at Gurdas Maan for passing such a statement and hurting their sentiments. They said that Gurdas Maan disrespected their third master and this statement is not acceptable at all.

Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji is a sufi dargah situated in Nakoder, Jalandhar, Punjab. Sufi saint, Baba Murad Shah Ji,  founded the Dera in 1960. He was a disciple of Baba Sher Shah Ji. After Baba Murad Shah Ji left the world, Sai Ghulam Shah Ji or popularly known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji became the head of the Dargah. A fair is held every year at the Dargah in remembrance of Baba Murad Shah Ji. Many Sufi singers perform at the event and Gurdas Maan is one of them. 

During a live show, Sai Laddi Shah Ji placed his ‘pagri’ on Gurdas Maan’s head and Gurdas Maan became a disciple of Laddi Shah Ji. After Laddi Shah Ji left the world in 2008, Gurdas Maan started leading the fairs held at the Dargah in the memory of Baba Murad Shah Ji and Baba Laddi Shah Ji.

His love for the Dargah and Sai Laddi Shah Ji is very evident. But the Sikh community is outraged at the fact that Gurdas Maan called Laddi Shah, a descendant of the great sikh Guru Shri Guru Amar Das Ji. To protest against Gurdas Maan and his outrageous statement, the Sikh community has got a call to reach Dera Baba Murad Shah in Nakodar, tomorrow at 6 pm. Gurdas Maan is yet to react on the issue. 

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