Gurdas Maan Wasn’t Allowed To Get On-stage During The Farmers Protest

Gurdas Maan who is one of the very popular and loved artists from Punjabi Industry who have an international fan base joined the farmers protest to support the farmers. His presence definitely makes a huge difference for the Punjabi community.

But today de santis happened which is creating buzz all around. As Gurdas Maan reached the protest he wasn’t allowed to get on the stage to deliver his speech. This may sound weird and inappropriate to you if you are unaware of his last controversy in which he promoted ‘One nation, One language’.

In one of his interviews he commented on the Hindi Punjabi controversy and expressed his opinion in favor of Hindi as ‘One Nation, One Language’. His statement disappointed the Punjabis and his fans and many people declared this act as his betrayal towards their mother tongue; Punjabi. Although he also talked about the importance of mother tongue language in the same interview but still he was dragged into a controversy.

And talking about today’s protest in Delhi, when he was getting on the stage to deliver his speech he was not allowed to do so because of the same controversy.

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