GURDIT Finally Releases The Much Awaited ‘Fir Ki Hoya’ And The Song Is A Soulful Treat

There are few songs which give you the sensation that they have been written from the heart when you listen to them. The latest Punjabi track, ‘Fir Ki Hoya’ by vocalist GURDIT and lyricist Gursahib Heir is one such track. The song has officially been released on the official Youtube Channel of the Indian-Canadian Music Label, Loud Beats Inc., and it is a soulful journey!

There is no doubt to the fact that Gursahib Heir has poured his heart out on the paper while writing this song. The lyrical master created a world where a broken man is talking to his own heart, and created a song out of it. What does justice to the beautiful writing of Gursahib, is GURDIT’s equally soulful voice. The chorus of the song hits so much in GURDIT’s melodious voice that the listener is sent on a journey he never wants to return from.

The song has been released with the official music video starring Annie Rana. The graceful  Annie is a treat to the eyes of the viewer, and when it comes with GURDIT’s voice in the background, you get a song like ‘Fir Ki Hoya’. The editing and the colouring of the video has also been beautiful, giving the video a really calm look, by Gobindpuriya. SOOFI (Manmeet Pal Singh) is the director behind the artistic Fir Ki Hoya video.

Music is what makes a song! It gives the lyrics and the vocals a path to follow through and produce a musical treat. The music of Fir Ki Hoya has been done by Bob and is undoubtedly the perfect kind for a song like Fir Ki Hoya. Bob is the same music producer who did popular singer Akhil’s breakthrough song in the industry, ‘Khaab’. Bob has made the song even better by giving it an urban folk touch and adding catchy beats and sounds like that of the flute. Overall, Fir Ki Hoya has come out like a very sweet blissful song.

GURDIT is a talented newcomer to the Punjabi Music Industry. He’s previously worked with the Music Label Loud Beats Inc. on many occasions and released hit songs through it. Hard Work, Putt Sardaran De and now, Fir Ki Hoya are some of the songs by GURDIT. All of them have garnered multiple lacs of views on Youtube and Fir Ki Hoya is currently doing an amazing job on Youtube and collecting a good number of views. 

The song is a must-listen for every true Punjabi Music Fan. And if you are a fan of calm, composed and peaceful songs, go check Fir Ki Hoya out right now!

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