What Makes The Gurnam-Neeru Chemistry Must Watch In Upcoming Movie Kokka?

What Makes The Gurnam-Neeru Chemistry Must Watch In Upcoming Movie Kokka?

Gurnam Bhullar and Neeru Bajwa are two brilliant and aced actors of Punjabi Film Industry. While Gurnam Bhullar has become the current sensation with his back-to-back hits like Mai Vyah Nhi Karona Tere Naal and Lekh. On the other hand, Neeru Bajwa is someone who has always proved to be the queen of Pollywood. 

And now when the duo is finally coming together for a film and that too for the very first time, it’s surely going to be super special. Their upcoming movie Kokka has caught our and every fan’s attention as its concept is not so usual. 


The film will be the love story of Gurnam as Akaal and Neeru Bajwa as Ajooni, but this won’t be like any other love story. We all know about the age gap between the lead star cast and, in the film, also, they are playing similar kind of characters. 

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Both Akaal and Ajooni fall in love with each other but soon after the fairytale love story, the age difference between the two begins to trouble them. And this concept is something that has not been much popular and used in the Punjabi industry. 

So, this indeed makes the film very special. But apart from this, we are also spellbound after watching the beautiful on-screen chemistry between Neeru Bajwa and Gurnam Bhullar

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Their fresh pairing has been successful in leaving the fans awestruck. Also, if you notice the exchange of dialogues between them in the film’s trailer, you too will realize how effortlessly perfect they look with each other. 

Neeru Bajwa is a senior actor and has been an idol to Gurnam Bhullar, in such a case, it is obviously going to be exciting to witness them romancing each other. We among thousands of fans are extremely eager to watch the film already.

Coming to the credits, it is written by Rupinder Inderjit, directed by Santosh Subhash Thite and Bhanu Thakur. And the film is set to hit the silver screens on 20 May.

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