Kokka Trailer Review: Gurnam Bhullar & Neeru Bajwa Are Here To Tell You “Love Has No Age”

Gurnam Bhullar and Neeru Bajwa are set to share the screen for the first time in the upcoming ‘Kokka’. The movie is scheduled to make its theatrical release on 20 May and the official trailer, giving a proper insight into the plot of the film, is finally here.

Neeru Bajwa plays a 40 year old single woman, looking for love. Gurnam Bhullar comes off as a surprise in her life and it is all that the film is based on. With signature Punjabi comedy, Gurnam’s brilliant acting and the evergreen Neeru Bajwa’s excellent screen presence seems to make Kokka a don’t-miss.

As the story goes by, Neeru and Gurnam fall in love with each other and the two start living a happy life together. But that doesn’t sound like a proper movie plot! Right? Where’s the twist? There actually is a twist and an important one. 

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The end of the trailer shows the happy love life taking an unexpected turn and turning into a life destroyer for Neeru’s character. The love seems to have vanished in the two and Gurnam is seen making a rather unpleasant remark about Neeru’s age.

The film, along with being a full dose of entertainment, tries to bring up an important issue. The Punjabi industry has barely talked about marriage and love of people above a specific stereotypical age. Neeru Bajwa’s character is an important one for the film, society as well as the industry.

Kokka is not the everyday-comedy-entertainment drama film you get to see. It offers a lot on the plate and seems to have enough content to keep you stuck to the screen. To know more about the film, you and we will have to go to the nearest theaters on 20 May, 2022 and find out!

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