Gurnam Bhullar & Sargun Mehta Indulge In The Cutest Controversy Of The Punjabi Industry

When the word ‘controversy’ comes up, we start thinking about hard hitting replies celebrities fire at each other. But Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta, the lead pair of the much awaited Punjabi film, Sohreyan Da Pind Aagaya, releasing on 8 July, have indulged in a controversy you have never seen before.

When two of the cutest people reply to each other, isn’t the controversy going to be the cutest you’d have ever seen? It all started when Sargun Mehta posted a reel, with a shot at Gurnam! Sargun Mehta, in traditional Punjabi folk style, commented how Gurnam is blabbering in front of others but afraid of her. He never dares to utter a word in front of her!

Gurnam Bhullar, just like a sigma male, posted a reply reel completely ignoring Sargun Mehta. This did not go well with Sargun. Sargun Mehta was back again with yet another reply in the form of a Punjabi boli. She said that Gurnam isn’t so special that she would cry if he leaves her.

Gurnam Bhullar wasn’t settled here. He was all ready to take on Sargun with another boli. With the iconic ‘Kaa Bolda Banere Te’ Punjabi boli, Gurnam Bhullar threw a curse at Sargun, the girl who broke his heart, that her son would be exactly like him! 

Do you think Sargun would have taken this lightly? She was back with another slapping-reply. And this one was easily the best! She cursed Gurnam that his marriage would happen in COVID era and he would have to spend the night with his partner keeping 3 feet away. Social distancing is necessary, isn’t it?

This doesn’t seem to end. Gurnam did not leave it here. He threw another curse at Sargun that her husband would write ‘I Love You’ and send it to ‘All’! That’s one hell of a cheater. No, no, no! It doesn’t end here. 

Sargun Mehta then again came up with a reply, which was followed by yet another reel of her mocking Gurnam Bhullar along with a friend.

The lead star cast of Sohreyan Da Pind Aagaya gave us the cutest controversy we’ve ever seen in the industry. If the two are so good at roasting each other, guess what is going to happen in ‘Sohreyan Da Pind Aagaya’? It’s surely going to be a blast. Don’t forget to watch the movie in your nearest theaters on 8 July, 2022.

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