Gurnam Bhullar To Carry A Turban Look For His Upcoming Movie FUFAD JI

Winner of Awaaz Punjab Di season 5, Gurnam Bhullar has now become a well-known artist. Along with his singing skills, his acting also has such innocence that it steals everybody’s heart. At present, he is fully packed and has back to back many projects.

Singer cum actor of Punjabi industry Gurnam Bhullar got free from previous projects and started his new one a movie Fufad Ji’s shooting process started. Hence, he posted a picture from the new set and tagged Binnu Dhillon, Jasmin Bajwa and Raju Verma and the director Pankaj Batra, K Kumar Studios is the production house of the movie. Along with Jasmine  Alankriyta Sahai is also in the lead cast.

While sharing the glimpse of his new picture, Gurnam gave a sweet caption to it. He wrote ‘satguru kirpa karan, ek film da kam start hunda, kinne majdoora’n de ghar roti pakkdi hundi, waheguru Punjabi Film industry nu hor bulandiya te lai ke jaan’ and thank the photo and movie companion.

Have a look at his post:

The most talked-about stuff from the movie will be Gurnam’s turban look. Though it’s not his first time, he tied a turban in Surkhi bindi during his marriage scene but in Fufad Ji he will carry this look from beginning to the end.

Talking about his previous movies whose shooting is wrapped up but yet to release are Lekh, Main Viyah Ni Karona Tere Naal and Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Geya. In addition to this his song ‘Roka ‘ is about to release on 24th June.

Source: TOI

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