Gurshabad Talks About The Time People Didn’t Recognise Him When He Met Them In Person

Gurshabad Talks About The Time People Didn’t Recognise Him When He Met Them In Person

The Punjabi entertainment industry is full of amazing talents. Many of them are superstars and enjoy huge fan following across the globe. However, there are some Punjabi stars that are genuinely nice and remain down-to-earth despite their incredible fan base. One among them is Punjabi actor-singer Gurshabad Singh Kular who has predominantly worked in Punjabi music and film industry. The artist gave many hit tracks like Rajya, Laari, Selfie, Tappay.

But there’s an incredible incident in his life related to his discography, which he shares with his fans. As when he was in England during the shoot of Chal Mera Putt, at that time he heard his song ‘Selfie’ at the hotel where he was staying. It is the song that definitely makes you shake a leg. Immediately, his friend pointed towards Gurshabad and disclosed that he is the man behind the song. People did not believe his friend and took him offhandedly. He didn’t feel bad but was amazed that people loved the song. 

Not only this, he revealed a similar incident, when he was traveling in a Taxi, the driver played his song ‘Tappay’ in the car. Gurshabad was mesmerised and asked his opinion about the song. The driver was impressed and honored the song as well as the singer. It was a proud moment for Gurshabad, as not only people in India but in foreign countries are loving his voice.

Gurshabad is a well-known playback singer,  he is also widely appreciated as a Geetkariyan singer; for this he has also been awarded with PTC Punjabi Music Award for best song with a message.

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