Happy Birthday Amrinder Gill. Here Are Top 10 Songs That Prove He Is The Ultimate Melody King

Amrinder Gill is definitely a living legend of Punjabi Music Industry. He has made you feel the emotions and made us fall in love with melody. His songs are evergreen and so is our love for him.

Today, it’s his birthday, and we have decided to celebrate it with him. 

It’s the day of our forever favourite artists, and we cannot let it pass like any other day. 

Here are top 10 songs by Amrinder Gill which proves that he is the ultimate melody king. 

Have a look and we are sure it will hit you with a sudden push of nostalgia, but you’ll have a great time going through this.

Mil Ke Baithange

No other song can hit your broken heart like ‘Mil Ke Baithange’. This song has the emotions of a break-up and Amrinder’s voice is something that will hit you hard especially when you’re missing someone really badly.

To us, the most beautiful part of the songs is when Amrinder sings,

‘Main puchhna waqt beete ton, kinve lageya si mere bin,
Main raatan jaag ke kattiyan, kiwe nikle si tere din?’


Kurta from Angrez has the vibe of real and pure romance. This song can easily melt your heart and help your wedding dreams bloom to the next level. 

We believe it won’t be wrong if we say, Amrinder Gill’s songs have taught us the real meaning of romance.

Your heart might skip a beat when he sings,

‘Oh nitt vanjareya cho mera mukhda vekh di hou,
Nitt wang nu bhann bhann ke mera pyaar vekh di hou,
Ho mere ishq nall bharda hu, ohde khaali dil da khuha…’


Amrinder Gill is the only person who can convince you and make you understand the true colors of our rich culture. His song Pendu, compares it with various big brands, but ends by declaring how desi is always the best. 

You will fall harder in love with your Kurta’s when you’ll listen to Amrinder Gill singing,

‘Ki Tommy te ki Gucci ehdi karu rees ni,
Oh saanu akhadi aa pendu eh!’

Tere Bagair

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone (maybe a friend, your special one or anybody) and experienced parting ways with them? If yes, then this song is for you.

Not only because it is the most beautiful song you’ll ever listen to, but because it will make you feel it understands you like no one else in the world.

Trust us when we say, we cannot thank Amrinder Gill enough for this.

Read this and make your mind,

‘Khwaban vich reh gaye khwab mere,
Sukh gaye dil de gulaab mere,
Rang sare khaa gyi tere vichhode di dopeher..’

Ki Samjhaiye

We all have listened to various love tracks, but nobody has been able to match the level of Ki Samjhaiye by Amrinder Gill. 

He undoubtedly is the king of romantic tracks, and this song leads the list of his evergreen romantic songs.

We couldn’t agree more with Amrinder Gill when he sung,

‘Ishq kamaya darr duniya da laahke main,
Sajjna tenu labbya rabb gawa ke main’

Mera Deewanapan

Not every relationship in this world is meant to be successful. But for the pain of purest hearts which got broken into pieces, here we have a beautiful treat. 

There can be no better break-up song than Mera Deewanapan by Amrinder Gill. Listen to this melody and you’ll realise why we love Amrinder Gill so much.

‘Mera Deewanapan tainu karu pagal, mere katil tere naal wada ae mera.’


We cannot actually praise this song enough because everytime we listen to it, it takes us to a different world. A world which is not so real, it’s magical, it’s beautiful and seems the best. 

This song makes us smile and gives us hope. Hope which says everything will settle in place and everything will be fine at last.

Let’s cherish its extremely beautiful song with its most beautiful and positive lines,

‘Jehde es jahano ik-duje toh vichhad gaye,
Khore kes jahano mud oh jaa ke takkarne’

Sochan Vich Tu

Close your eyes, remember the good old days, your very first relationship when you were in school or college. 

This song will easily take you back to the memory lane and make you smile like an idiot.

Sochan Vich Tu has the vibe and feeling which you will easily relate to.

No other singer could have done justice to the cute lyrics of this adorable song.

You’ll relate the moat, when you’ll hear Amrinder singing,
‘Thandi thandi chha, kosi dhupp vich tu,
Duniya de shor, meri chup vich tu’


If you’re a true Amrinder Gill fan, the very first song that comes to your mind when we say his name is ‘Yaariyan’.

This song has made us realise and understand the importance and meaning of commitments. 

This song has made our childhood special hence we all have a special place reserved for this in our hearts.

We all vibe to it because,
‘Laaiye je yaariyan, phir laa ke todh nibhaiyein ni,
Mukk jave bhavein jaan eh, par yaar toh door na jaiyein ji’

Soorjan Wale

The farmers are equal to god and the same are the ones who are usually neglected. Amrinder Gill hit our hearts directly with this track. It makes us realise what is the condition of farmers in our country and how they are struggling to run their livelihood.

Can it be any more emotional than,

‘Ohdi degree trunk vich ruldi,
Te mandiyaan ch rule aap ni
Ronde hoyan nu hasaun wala jatt si,
Te hun rehenda chup-chap ni’

Amrinder Gill’s birthday is not a random day for us. We have a long list of songs which can easily turn a bad day into a smooth one.

But the above mentioned songs were the ones which we cannot take off our minds while talking about him

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