Happy birthday, Jaani! 20 Facts about Jaani!!

When it comes to tracks filled with emotions and feelings, Jaani is the name behind them. He was popular for his writings in Pollywood already, and now ruling the Bollywood industry too. We believe Jaani has made us feel the emotions in a much better way through all songs. Hardly anyone would be there who is in love with emotional tracks and is not a fan of Jaani. Undoubtedly he is a popular name today, and a brand himself, but there were days when he was struggling too. Read this special story to know him more. We assure you’ll get to know some very rare and hidden facts about him. 

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  • Just like most of you, we even believed Harrdy Sandhu’s Soch was Jaani’s first song. But the fact is his first song was ‘Kaabil’, which unfortunately never got released. It must have been a dream for him to release and see what people react to it.
  • How many of you have developed a new hobby or passion during your college days? Because, Jaani actually started writing songs during his last semester. By the way, Jaani has a diploma in Hotel Management.
  • Jaani and Harrdy together are our forever favorite and most loved duo of the Pollywood industry. But their superhit song, ‘Soch’ was not the first time they worked together. Before that, Jaani helped his friend Harrdy in completing his song, ‘Taquila Shot’ as well.
  • Do you ever think about the relationship status of Jaani? Well, you guessed it right. He is committed and in love. Though he never publicly announced the name of his partner but says they fell in love during their college days and never proposed to each other. Also, she is the inspiration behind Jaani’s love for writing. 
  • We noticed and loved Jaani after his song Soch, but before Soch he also released a religious song called, ‘Sant Sipahi’ in 2012. You can search for the song on youtube and see the credits as Jaani Giddarbaha, which he used till then with his pen name. 
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  • Even today when we listen to any Jaani’s song, new or old, it sounds so fresh, relatable, connected, and beautiful. Don’t you think it’s actually surprising to know Jaani has already given us more than 100 songs, amongst which 60% are superhit!
  • It’s true we all had days when we cried listening to the beautiful songs Jaani writes. But do you know why his writings are always relatable? You may find it weird but Jaani intentionally tries to feel sad, so that he can pen down his sadness and emotions.
  • Now because Jaani is the most popular, sensational and demanded lyricist of the Punjabi Film Industry, you must be aware of the idea that he actually is the most expensive writer of the industry. And that’s because Jaani’s lyrics come with music by B Praak. So either you afford both or none. 
  • You might know this already that Jaani usually writes about the real incidents he has experienced in his life. The same happened with his first most popular song, ‘Soch’ which he wrote when he went for a helping his friend patch up with his girlfriend. There was the girl crying and then Jaani told his friend, ‘Eh Tenu Kinna Chaundi Hai, Eh Teri Soch Toh Pare Hai’. and hence, he got the idea for Soch.
  • Jaani was intended to go abroad (Australia), for which he cleared Ielts in 3rd attempt. But fortunately his song ‘Soch’ became superhit and he dropped his plan. Yes! The song can be considered as the most lucky for him and his career.
  • Jaani used his Village name Giddarbaha in his pen name but he removed it on the suggestion of Arvinder Khaira . Jaani got many points of recognition because he removed Gidarbaha, as Jaani alone fits metaphorically everywhere in his songs. 
  • Jaani’s patch-up song, ‘Ik Vaari Hor Soch Lae’ is definitely one of the finest and most beautiful songs we have ever listened to. Do you know Jaani wrote it because he witnessed many people divorcing around him. Also the same concept was used in the video too. 
  • While writing ‘Oscar’ for Gippy Grewal, he was really nervous. It was because Gippy sat besides him and made him write the song. He even requested Gippy to move around but Gippy didn’t. He anyway wrote the song and the rest is history.
  • Jaani has his own music label called ‘Desi Melodie’s partnered with B Praak and Arvinder Khaira, under which they have worked for many superhit songs like, Hath Chumme and Filhaal.
  • His Hindi track ‘Pachtaoge’ was made to be sung by Atif Aslam. But due to the India-Pak issues, it was offered to Arjit Singh, which came out to be a massive hit.
  • Where we can’t leave our addiction to Jaani’s songs for months and years, the maximum time he took to write a song was 3-4 days for his latest release with Neha Kakkar ‘Jinke Liye’. But his blockbuster ‘Hath Chumme’  and ‘Pachtaoge’ were written in just 15 minutes.
  • We can’t even imagine how Jaani can write such beautiful lyrics each time without any repetition and making us feel bored with him. It’s really interesting to know 90% of Jaani songs are written on the spot during his sitting with singers. And this proves his real talent and dedication to his passion.
  • Here comes the fun fact about Jaani. We are sure young guys would love to know that Jaani prefers playing online games when not writing songs, he likes PubG, Ludo, and Cricket. 
  • Now talking about his recent superhit Bollywood song, ‘Filhaal’. In its video, Akshay told Jaani to play Ammy’s role but he wasn’t confident enough then. But later made his on-screen debut in ‘Jinke Liye’ which was a blockbuster and Jaani’s acting was really appreciated by the audience.
  • You must have expected Jaani as a lover of literature, but unlike most of the lyricists Jaani isn’t into literature. Though he is a big fan of Gulzaar and Irshad kaamil.

  • Bonus Fact: When Harrdy Sandhu was set to shoot SOCH, that was the only money he had and he cleared told Amrinder Khaira that if this song doesn’t do well he would have to quit singing. But SOCH became a massive hit and industry was blessed with new SOCH.

We hope you had fun reading these lesser-known facts about your favorite writer Jaani. We’re very sure now you know him a little more than before. So next time you listen to any Jaani’s song, there are possibilities that these facts will again revolve in your mind. 

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