Happy Birthday Simi Chahal. You Impressed Us In Bambukat And Never Stopped

Simi Chahal is one of the finest actresses of the Punjabi Film Industry. She has been a part of various superhit and successful movie movies but here is something very special about her debut performance. It’s her birthday, and we have decided to celebrate the Pakko in her which she presented very sweetly and simply in her debut movie Bambukat.

Released in 2016, Bambukat not only hit the theatres, but it also made us develop a special corner in our hearts for the very lovely Simi Chahal.

She played the role of a girl with a dark complexion, but the darkness in her skin didn’t let her character be any less charming. Most of us know this fact about her character in the movie, but do you know she went 4-5 shades down to transform from Simi to Pakko.

Though the color of skin she wore on the sets is not what made us love her. It was her perfect dialogue delivery and the art of making us feel she is not an actress but someone just like us, one among us.

But this was still not the only time she impressed us with her acting skills. After Bambukat, she appeared in Sarvann, Rabb Da Radio, Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua, and the list goes on. Today, on the occasion of her birthday, we hope she achieve more heights every year and make us proud.

Happy Birthday Simi. We love you.

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