Hardeep Grewal Announces Postponement Of Tunka Tunka’s Release Date

Hardeep Grewal is a known lyricist, singer and composer of Punjabi Music Industry. And just like various other artists who stepped into acting after earning fame in the music Industry, Hardeep is also all set to make his acting debut. 

But the fans will have to wait a little longer now, because Hardeep Grewal has recently announced that the release date of his debut movie ‘Tunka Tunka’ has been postponed. This has to be done because of the non-operation of the theatres due to COVID-19. Hardeep shared the news on his Instagram account, and shared the poster of the movie once again. Informing about the sudden plans to postpone the movie, he wrote,

Due to non-operation of theatres, the release of our movie “Tunka Tunka” is postponed. But we assure you all that we l be back soon on big screen. Keep supporting.”


But with this news he also assured that Tunka Tunka will be released in theatres only. The new release date of the movie is not revealed yet, or it can be said that nobody knows when the situation will be under control so that the movie queued for their release can be finally released. The movie was earlier scheduled for its release on 16th July, 2021, but since no new release date has been announced, the news has saddened the fans. 

The teaser of Tunka Tunka was released last week on the YouTube Channel of Hardeep Grewal Music and is about to cross the 1 million mark soon. 

Earlier, Hardeep Grewal had also shared the pictures of him in which he has gone through extreme transformation for the movie. The pictures went viral instantly and left the audience surprised and amazed.

Hardeep Grewal Shares Pictures Of Unbelievable Transformation For His Debut Movie Tunka Tunka

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