Batch 2013: Hardeep Grewal Announces New Movie

Hardeep Grewal Known for his motivational work be it songs or movies has announced a new project. The artist uploaded a poster of his upcoming movie on Instagram.

The movie is titled “Batch 2013” and the poster shows Hardeep standing in rain with a gun in his hands. And it looks like a police trainee is going through a punishment.

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Hardeep in his insta post wrote ” Tunka Tunka ” was released on 9  September last year. And now we are announcing the release of our upcoming motivational movie “Batch 2013.”

Apart from Hardeep, actors like Neeta Mohindra, Dr. Sahib Singh, Paramveer Singh, Hashneen Chauhan, Manjeet Singh, Harinder Bhullar and Preet Bhullar will also be seen in this project. The poster gives an idea of the movie being about the struggle of a man who is under training or wanting to join the police force.

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Coming to the film’s credits, it is written by Hardeep Grewal, and directed by Garry Kathrao. And the film will hit the silver screens on 9 September. 

Hardeep is known for his motivational work. He has earlier released various motivational songs and is admired by a lot of audiences. Last year he released his motivational movie “Tunka Tunka” which earned appreciation and now he is all set to release another motivational movie.

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