Hardeep Grewal Shares Pictures Of Unbelievable Transformation For His Debut Movie Tunka Tunka

Hardeep Grewal has always been recognized for singing motivational songs. His songs are always great energy boosters and the perfect choice for a workout playlist. But who knew the man wasn’t only singing those songs, but living them. 

You will have to rub your eyes thrice to believe his latest instagram post wherein he shared the unbelievable photos of his transformation that he undertook for his movie Tunka Tunka.


Tunka Tunka, Hardeep Grewal’s debut movie, is ready for its official release on 16th of July, but prior to the release, Hardeep Grewal dropped these explosive photos of his transformation. Hardeep had lost heavy chunks of weight, had shaved off all of his facial hair and gone bald for his upcoming movie. 

But soon, just like in his songs, he worked hard enough to be back to his original shape in a matter of months. And not only did he get back into shape but this time, his physique looked even better and more ripped. 

The caption of the post says it all. A journey meant for a great purpose is never easy, neither was Hardeep’s but this is what life is. Life is a journey of immeasurable difficulties but greatness comes to those who face them and break them, and Hardeep Grewal is surely one such figure.

The teaser of Tunka Tunka had left everyone completely stranded and spellbound. Since then, the audience has been waiting impatiently for Hardeep Grewal’s excellence in the movie and now, the wait is going to finally end on 16th of July. 

Tunka Tunka: Hardeep Grewal Is All Set To Hit The Theatres With His Debut Movie

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