Hardeep Grewal Reveals Struggles Of Gaining & Then Losing Weight For Batch 2013

Hardeep Grewal is continuing to win everyone’s attention regarding the release of his upcoming movie Batch 2013. And just like in Tunka Tunka, Hardeep has once again gone through a massive physical transformation for this new project. 

Yes, Hardeep has gained a total of 23 kgs for the film. And now only this, but he also had to shed all the extra kilos to get in shape for the second phase of his character in the film. And believe us when we say, he looked absolutely unrecognizable in his pictures.

After Hardeep already grabbed everyone’s attention for his physical transformation in upcoming Punjabi movie Batch 2013, the actor is now continuing to share more about his journey. 

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He has recently shared a YouTube video in which he has shared his experience about gaining and losing so much weight. He also opened up about the process, struggles and motivation in the video. 

Hardeep revealed that a part of gaining weight was quite fun as he had to eat whatever he wanted. He went on to eat Chhole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Jalebis, Chips and what not. But it was equally difficult when he actually gained some weight. 

But as soon as he started gaining weight, it became difficult for him to stand for long hours, sit, and even run for the film’s shoot. He needed support to sit and stand up, and this was surely not something he enjoyed a lot. 

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On the other hand, losing all the weight was another and even more difficult challenge for him. His character in Batch 2013 has two phases, and for the second one Hardeep had to lose all the extra weight. 

For this, he again stuck to a strict diet and spent hours in the gym. It was difficult but he managed to once again get in shape. 

Some people are comparing Harderp Grewal’s transformation journey to Aamir Khan. Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist had also gone through a similar and drastic physical transformation for his blockbuster movie Dangal. 

And Hardeep Grewal also boldly addressed all the comparisons in one of his Instagram posts. Very politely, Hardeep stated that he doesn’t wish to compete with or become Aamir Khan. He’s just doing what his work demands him to do. 

Batch 2013 is about the struggle of a man who is under training or wants to join the police force. In the poster which was earlier released, Hardeep is seen standing in rain with a gun in his hands. And it looks like a police trainee is going through a punishment.

Hardeep has also shared a new poster of the upcoming movie in which he is looking extremely fit. 

Now coming to the credits of the film, Batch 2013, apart from Hardeep, actors like Neeta Mohindra, Dr. Sahib Singh, Paramveer Singh, Hashneen Chauhan, Manjeet Singh, Harinder Bhullar and Preet Bhullar will also be seen in this project.

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