Hardeep Grewal’s Unimaginable Body Transformation For Upcoming Movie Tunka Tunka Will Leave You Stunned

Hardeep Grewal’s Unimaginable Body Transformation For Upcoming Movie Tunka Tunka Will Leave You Stunned

Hardeep Grewal is well-reputed in the Punjabi industry for making motivational songs. But his body transformation for the upcoming movie ‘Tunka Tunka’ has proved that he can stand on his word. He cannot just sing those motivational songs but live them too. 

Tunka Tunka will be Hardeep Grewal’s debut movie as an actor and will also be the first movie to be released in cinemas after the government removed the restrictions on theatres imposed due to COVID-19. If this is not enough to convince you to watch the movie, the latest Youtube video narrating the story of Hardeep Grewal’s mind blasting body transformation for the movie will surely fetch you to the theatres.

Hardeep Grewal made a statement as an actor with his astounding determination, exceptional dedication and discipline to get into the perfect shape for the various schedules of the movie. The transformation was a two-year journey, from 2017-2019. 

The journey started by demanding Hardeep to lose heavy chunks of weight to get into the perfect look of a weak and feeble patient. The actor achieved 58 kg of weight with a strenuous workout schedule and diet plan for 6 months. He even had to shave all of his facial hair, including mustache, beard, hair on the head and even eyebrows.

As Hardeep speaks in the video, the heaviness in his voice is enough to reveal the extreme hardship the man has gone through to achieve the required body. He was only drinking water, and not eating anything to keep the body in shape. After completing the schedule, it was the first time that he consumed food. 

And now it was the time to get back to shape, get fit and healthy and this wasn’t easy at all. Hardeep couldn’t straight away hit the gym, he couldn’t take heavy diet or heavy protein as his body had become very weak. Everything had to be done with proper care and delicacy. That is why it took Hardeep 2 years to make the transformation a reality. 

Now he had to look like a proper athlete, get fit and look muscular. And finally the actor gave the industry a lesson to remember, a journey he, his team or the viewers will never forget, by far one of the hardest and most influential body transformations in the Punjabi industry ever. 

Hardeep said that he was shooting all the clips throughout his journey so that when somebody watches the movie and is blown away by seeing the actor in those avatars, he doesn’t say ‘It’s all edited’ or ‘It’s just a face mask’. He wants the audience to know he’s worked his arse off for this and wants them to watch the movie for everyone’s hard work. 

Watch the full video here :

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