Harm Franklin : The Second Punjabi Artist To Go Platinum After Nav

Harm Franklin : The Second Punjabi Artist To Go Platinum After Nav

There’s no doubt that Punjabi artists are all over the world. Not only is the Punjabi music industry gradually expanding its reach to become a global industry, Punjabis are also making records in the western music industry. We all know about Nav, the platinum Punjabi artist, but do you know about the other Punjabi artist to go platinum after Nav?

Harm Franklin, a rather reputed name in the music world, is a Punjabi artist. He is only the second Punjabi artist in the last 10 years to go Platinum. He’s been certified 3x platinum by the reputed Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA). 

Being a platinum certified artist is considered to be one of the biggest feats a musical artist can achieve and Harm Franklin’s already hit it. 

Platinum certification is awarded to an artist by the RIAA on hitting 1 million overall sales. For each successive 1 million increment in sales, multi-platinum certification is awarded. 


Harm Franklin is a 3x platinum certified artist which means he has over 3 million sales to his name. It’s always great to see people of our own community making history and winning the hearts of people all over the world in their respective fields. Music is one field Punjabis do not lack in. Punjabi artists have taken the regional music industry to a national, and even at an international level. And on the other hand, people like Nav and Harm leave no stones unturned in making their community proud. 

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