Who Was Harmandeep Kaur, Security Guard Allegedly Murdered By Co-worker In Canada?

A heinous crime took place in Canada with an Indian student. A girl named Harmandeep Kaur was brutally attacked and allegedly murdered while working as a security guard on the UBC Okanagan campus, succumbing to her injuries a day later. 

24-years old Harmandeep, originally from Kapurthala, Punjab, India, came to Canada in 2015 with the dream of furthering her education by attending university and eventually becoming a paramedic. Her path towards fulfilling this dream had not been easy as she first studied at Columbia College in Vancouver and simultaneously worked to pay for school. Eventually, she found her way to Kelowna in 2018.

Kaur received her permanent residency last month in January. She was looking forward to welcoming her parents for a visit in April.

But lately while assaulted during her work, she died in the hospital on campus on 26 February. Reports of Infotel suggest that the man who allegedly killed her was arrested under the Mental Health Act and remains in hospital. Not only this, he may be facing murder charges.

“This really speaks to the need for our community to get the support they need for mental health,” Kelowna city councilor Mohini Singh said on March 1.

Further, Mohini Singh told the media that she wanted to know why Kaur was working the night shift alone. She also wanted to know if the alleged assailant had a mental health issue, why was he allowed to work at a university where there are so many young students.

Paramjit Singh Patara, Vice President of the Okanagan Sikh Temple, told the media that the Sikh community is trying to see how best they could support Kaur’s parents.

Meanwhile, Flowers and homages have been left outside the UBC Okanagan building where the young woman was fatally assaulted.

The university in which Harmandeep was studying said, “we are working very closely with the RCMP and our partners to provide any assistance required in the investigation.”

They said in a statement that the university’s immediate priority is to support the family and individuals affected. The investigation is still in process and the charges have not yet been laid.

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