Harp Farmer Slammed BJP For Using His Photo Without His Consent

Harp Farmer aka Harpreet Singh is Punjabi actor, director, producer and photographer who is currently in news because he took offense against a recent poster released by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

In his recent tweet he shared the poster and slammed BJP for using his picture without his consent and any prior information. He also said that he is sitting in Delhi supporting the Farmers Protest against the government’s latest ordinance in the Farms Bill. So, there is no chance of being the face of the BJP’s poster.

In his tweet he wrote,

“Besharmi Di Vi Koi Hadd Hundi Ae

Par Lagdaa Inaa Kol JIO De Unlimted Internet Waang Ina Kol Besharmi Di Hadd Vi Unlimted ae. Inaa Nu Dasso Innaa Daa Bhaapa Singhu Baithaa. Yadde Modi With Farmers De.”

In his another tweet, he wrote,

‘aa Kutte De Hadd Kehnde aa BJP Waleyaa Photo Stock cho Buy Keeti aa Jo Ke Galt aa I don’t Sell My photos as Stock Images ~’

Harp tweeted this in reply to the tweet by BJP Punjab’s official twitter account.

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