Harsh Wadhwa – A Visionary Producer Touching The Lives

Wadhwa Productions under the visionary leadership of Harsh Wadhwa continuously touching the hearts of audience. The evidence that can be clearly seen is 19 Million people viewed the unique concepts produced by production house of Harsh Wadhwa. With the zeal of acting and love for Punjabi Folk Music, Harsh Wadhwa started the journey of Wadhwa Productions & reached to the heights by producing soulful music albums.

It is totally mesmerized to see that Wadhwa Productions bringing the untouched and unseen project through upcoming movie “Kankan Dey Ohle”. This is complete new concept and we are proud of Harsh Wadhwa to take such kind of initiative. The poster of the movie is already revealed but story is yet to come out. From the poster itself, we can see the beautiful picture showing special bond between little girl and a man with the village atmosphere very much soothing to eyes but it is hard to reach any conclusion about the story.

Poster is receiving immense love with beautiful comments by public and we congratulate Harsh Wadhwa for bringing out the unique concept and supporting writers of such untouched themes.


Gurpreet Ghuggi and Tania will be on lead role along with Kishtu K. The film is Written by Gurjind Maan & Directed by Tejinder Singh, produced by Harsh Wadhwa under Wadhwa Productions. The movie will be released in 2023.

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