Harvy Sandhu’s Cyber Complaint Against Instagram Page ‘5911.belike’, Reveals Reason

Harvy Sandhu uploaded some Instagram stories earlier, revealing that he had filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police against various Instagram accounts and pages. The complaint has even been accepted by the Police, he shared a screenshot of the acceptance email. Now, it has been revealed that the account that has been reported by Harvy is ‘5911.belike’, an Instagram page.

5911.belike is an Instagram-based fan page of Punjabi superstar Sidhu Moosewala. Harvy Sandhu levied the allegations against the page and registered a complaint against it, which was later accepted. Harvy also revealed the reason behind the complaint.

A user commented on one of Harvy’s posts on Instagram that the singer filed the cybercrime complaint because he was afraid of trolling. To his comment, Harvy replied that he has no issues with trolling whatsoever, he filed the complaint because somebody leaked a call recording on his page wherein he can be seen abusing Harvy. 

5911.belike had earlier uploaded a post on his Instagram page. The call was between the page’s admin and Harvy wherein the admin can be heard abusing the singer. Harvy took legal action against this very post and reported the admin and the page to the Cyber Crime Police.

The complaint has been accepted by the police and now we are waiting for further progressions in the case. Harvy has assured that he will keep updating the audience about the case. 

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