Harwinder Kaur Janagal: Meet India’s Shortest Lawyer, Who’s Now Breaking Stereotypes

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible. This quote is very much suited for advocate Harwinder Kaur.  Harwinder Kaur Janagal aka Ruby is India’s shortest lawyer. She has not only accomplished her goals but also served as an inspiration to others.


In one of the interviews, Kaur expressed, she always wants to be an air hostess, but due to her short height which is 3 feet 11 inches, she can’t be one of them. But kudos to now, she is successful to fulfill her aim and become a successful lawyer. 


24 years old Harwinder Kaur is no less than anyone else, but her short height has forced her to be a sufferer of the public. Like, she also wants to play hockey but could not play it because of her short height.


Though she did many treatments, due to her slow growth, nothing came out. She told, the situation was so bad that she even locked herself in the room, to resist all the fun activities. When she was in 12th, she listened to many motivational videos, which actually worked out and she gets inspired by them. She decided to enter into the legal profession.


Now, because of her spirit, she is currently working in the Jalandhar Court. Now, she wants to be a Judge. The courage of Harwinder Kaur became an inspiration to many through her bravery.

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