Has The Plot Of Teeja Punjab Changed After The 3 Farm Bills Got Repealed?

Teeja Punjab will be released in theaters on 3rd December and through the trailer we got to know that it is a representation of Farmers’ protest and their fights against the government they had for their rights. 

But now the situation is all different as the Government of India took the decision to repeal the 3 farm laws recently. The trailer of Teeja Punjab depicts the struggles of farmers but the Modi government took this historic decision in the favour of farmers, after the trailer released. So the question that aroused in people’s minds was, Whether the plot of the movie will be changed as the laws are now repealed?

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To this, the answer is that, the Amberdeep Singh directed film has a segment which was shot after the bills were repealed. The story will have an extra addition of this part in the film and will be presented on its release. 

Both the before and after of the protest and the Government’s decision will be presented on screen and the team took the decision to shoot another segment after the 3 farm bills got repealed earlier this month. 

It will be now surprising to see what the makers have newly come up with as only the ongoing-protest scene was what people got to see in the trailer. Teeja Punjab makers have now answered all the confusions and talks about the film and is all ready for its release on 3rd Of December in the cinemas. 

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Nimrat Khaira and Amberdeep Singh are the main leads of Teeja Punjab, and Aditi Sharma has played a pivotal supporting character. Just a few days more for the films’ release and the audience already cannot wait to witness the film on the historic farmers’ protest on 3rd Dec. 

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