Haseen Dillruba REVIEW: A Romance And Suspense, The Murderer Will Keep Searching Till The End

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey, Harshvardhan Rane, Ashish Verma, Aditya Srivastava, Yamini Das, Daya Shankar Pandey

Director: Vinil Mathew

Rating: 2.5 stars

Haseen Dillruba feels like a film with many personalities. It has many twists and turns and turned out to be a thriller novel. It begins with a murder mystery, with Rani the prime suspect in the death of her husband in a cylinder outbreak. As she recites her story to the cops, the timeline leaps back six months, as Rani leaves her home in Delhi to start a new life with engineer Rishabh (Vikrant Massey) in the small town of Jwalapur.

It’s an arranged marriage of contraries, it’s made instantly and rather mightily clear. Rishabh is serious, romantic and hard-working whereas Rani is straightforward and not exactly involved. The story revolves around these characters, but a little further down the road,  Haseen Dillruba becomes an unusual kind of relationship film.

The catalyst is Rani’s affair with her husband’s relative, a well-built cad named Neel (Harshvardhan Rane) who comes to live with them. Their affair is clumsily performed, but after that the film develops a perverse edge. If it were screened through the cheap pulp cliff-hangers Rani likes to read.

She’s notified early on to not look for kitaabi romance, yet as things get progressively risky, her actions suggest she recognizes and is eager by the distorted desires she’s only experienced in lurid books. Every now and then, the film returns to being a murder mystery, with Aditya Srivastava’s inspector leaning on Rani to confess.

Also, the film had about a dozen outstanding characters, whereas Haseen Dillruba expands its strengths making Rani and Rishabh fascinating, and has little left over for the rest. All of these odds makes the film unpredictable. The film is streaming on Netflix. Here’s the trailer you can watch.

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