#DaadiSeMaafiMangKangana Trends In India

Kangana Ranaut who recently got into a controversy where she made fun of an old lady in the farmers protest.

People I didn’t like her tweet and whatever she wrote about the woman. The social media was flooded with hatred and hate comments for Kangana which included many Punjabi celebrities as well like Harf Cheema. Harf asked his fans to completely boycott Kangana in his recent Instagram post.

Harf Cheema Asks Supporters To Boycott Kangana Ranaut

This was not the first time when Kangana made a comment on the farmers and their protest, but this time it was way more personal, hateful and controversial. Though Kangana deleted the tweet sometime, when she realised people aren’t liking it at all, she is now facing the hate of India as a trend. Recently it was noticed that a hashtag called #DaadiSeMaafiMangKangana was trending on Twitter in India.

People tweeted and raised their voice against the actress and asked her to apologise for her disrespectful tweet. We really hope Kangana realises her mistake and works on the desirable actions. She should apologise and feel sorry for her words which were really very disgraceful.

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