Hashtag #TwitterCrush Trending On Twitter, Read To Know Why

Social media is helping a lot not only in spreading information but providing funny content sometimes. Every day we see some video, dance moves, or memes get viral. And currently we are aware that ‘Twitter Crush’ is trending on Twitter. Yes, we can ever know what may start trending on social media. Twitter crush doesn’t have any deep meaning, even god cannot solve that why it is trending all over Twitter. 

But be it a hard situation or funny, Indians never back out in making memes out of anything.

Scroll down and see the hilarious memes on the trending hashtag ‘Twitter Crush’.


After some research, it is found that this trend was started by a website named roundyearfun.org. This website gives you a metaphor of who you might be crushing on.

So, in the end, we just want to ask you, Who is your Twitter Crush?

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