Have You Ever Tried ‘A Crypto Samosa’? The Price Will Make You Go Weak At The Knees

IT City Bangalore has creative people who don’t only versed in the tech sector but creative too. As many businesses like restaurants and cafes are coming up with the idea of cryptocurrency by including food-tokens in the menu card. And we came across one of the cafes whose food Menu is going viral all over social media.

A Twitter user recently posted a menu card of a Bangalore-based cafe Crypto Chai By Voosh, which grabbed the attention of crypto enthusiasts. The menu included dishes like blockchain ledger Punjabi samosa, Chicken Tikka Crypto samosa, Hard Fork Paneer Tikka, and much more. Crypto Chai By Voosh participates in the growing market where the talk cryptocurrency is surfacing everywhere.

Audiences were surprised and bewildered after reading these names and the cost of food on the menu. They took their comment section and their twitter and showcase their reaction.

Here are some best reaction:


No doubt It’s a great marketing technique, the researchers have mentioned perfect names and hit at perfect timings. Now let’s see whether these food names will attract the consumers as these names will definitely generate curiosity among consumers. 

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