Have You Listened To The Old Version Of Moosedrilla, Produced By Harj Nagra?

Moosetape by Sidhu Moosewala was released in Mid-2021 and went on running for almost 3 months, lately becoming the longest-running Punjabi album ever. With the first song from Moosetape, Bitch I’m Back, Sidhu Moosewala disturbed the world charts and maintained it till the end of the album. And, one among the most loved tracks from the tape was ‘Moosedrilla’. 

Moosedrilla was the 5th track from Moosetape which came out to be super amazing, first because of the additional element, Rapper Vivian Divine and then the outstanding lyrics & composition of the song. Another thing which got us all amazed was the unique beats and music of The Kidd in Moosedrilla. 

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But are you aware of the fact that Moosedrilla produced by The Kidd, was not the initial version of the track? Yes, the ‘Moosedrilla’ which got released as the part of Sidhu Moosewala’s album recently is not the only version of the song. It was actually made earlier and it is just it got polished and modified to release as a part of the Moosetape

The original or the initial Moosedrilla was produced by popular music director Harj Nagra. Harj Nagra is the one who initially gave his beats and music to the Sidhu-Divine released song. The old edition of the track is getting viral all over the internet.

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The main difference to be noticed in both the versions is that one of them is swift and the other is quite slow as compared. Harj’s edition was a slower edition as compared to that of The Kidd’s one. And the other thing to be lighted is the change in lyrics. This old version is rumoured to be made back in 2019.

Album’s track has the line ‘Jatt Da Pind Ae Moosa Suni Da’, while the old version had a slight change in it as, ‘Jatt Da Pind Ae Brampton Suni Da’. This somehow forced us to connect it with the collaborative song of Sidhu Moosewala and Harj Nagra named ‘Badfella’ which was released in late-2018. 

With this news rounding, it is normal to ascertain that Sidhu Moosewala’s Moosedrilla was probably made back in 2018-19 with the music director Harj Nagra and was later taken in the album with the all new formation of the song and an addition as the Bombay based rapper, Vivian Divine. 

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