“Hearing Ill Words From Co-Contestants Wasn’t In My Contract”: Pratik Sehajpal As Jay Bhanushali Again Abuses Him

“Hearing Ill Words From Co-Contestants Wasn’t In My Contract”: Pratik Sehajpal As Jay Bhanushali Again Abuses Him

In the recent Weekend Ka War Salman Khan bashed Pratik Sehajpal for the damage he did to the house property by breaking the glass. But what was the reason for him to do that? It was because Jay Bhanushali abused Pratik during a random argument. Now once more the same things took a turn and an incident happened where Jay again abused Pratik. 

During the ongoing Daaku Task, the Jungle Vaasis blocked the main housemates from executing their plans against them. Karan Kundra and Jay Bhanushali blocked Nishant & Shamita very badly to be moved. In the course of this Shamita Shetty was hurt and got some bruises on both of her hands. Seeing this, fellow mate Pratik showed his caring side and started wailing by targeting Jay Bhanushali. 

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To which Jay responded very angrily in a trice. He abused Pratik once more this time. Pratik, hearing it, couldn’t bear it and started shedding tears. “Hearing ill words from co-contestants wasn’t in my contract, I am ready to walk out of the show now”. He also appeared to have hit himself very hard on his face. Shamita Shetty, Vishal Kotian, Afsana Khan and other co-contestants showed their kind side and consoled Pratik. 

Later, Karan and other housemates were seen making Jay understand that abusing somebody is not the right way and when it comes to their mother, it is very difficult and painful to handle that feeling. Jay Bhanushali was already very provoked and asked Karan to not make him understand anything. If Pratik shouts at him, this is what he is gonna do. No matter what the consequences would be.  

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This was the second time when both of them got instigated with each other’s behaviour. Now it will be amazed to see how the host, Salman Khan reacts to this behaviour of both the contestants as the actor already gave a warning to Jay Bhanushali last week for not abusing inside the house to anyone.  

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