Here Is All About Bohemia v/s Divine Latest Clash Viral On Social Media

If you are a fan of Indian Raps and rapstars you might have already come across the recent clash between Bohemia and Divine. There is no doubt in the fact that both of them have earned a special place for themselves in the industry.

But recently something happened which made the fans worried. Bohemia shared an Instagram story in which he tagged Divine and replied to him for one of his statements about him.

Bohemia wrote, “@vivianakadivine just saw the interview of you saying you not feeling my new shit. Imah let is got this time homie… bit just watch yourself when my name comes up. Thank you, God bless you.”

But actually it was an old video of Divine which any fan or somebody might have shared with Bohemia now. And without confirming the authenticity of it, he replied to Divine. 

That video is an old interview of Divine in which he was asked a question about Bohemia, to which he says,

“Bohemia mujhe pasand hai. Unka purana mujhe boht zyada pasand tha. Abhi jo lately aara hai, wo itna feel nahi ho raha hai kyunki hum zyada hungry hain mujhe aisa lagta hai. Kyunki humme jo power hai, unme wo power tha. Aur usko koi disrespect nhi hai lekin boht tpd rapper hai Bohemia.”

But it didn’t take Bohemia long to realise what went wrong. And he put another story in which he clarified to fans that everytging between him and Divine is fine now. He wrote,

“Had a quick chat with @vivianakadivine We all good. Positive vibes!”

Bohemia’s Instagram stories stayed online for sometime and were later deleted but it was enough for the fans to notice something is wrong and surface the screenshots all over social media.

But since everything is settled and on good terms now, it’s a good news for all the fans. 

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