Here Is How Jayy Randhawa Lost 10 Kgs In Only 15 Days For Shooter

Jayy Randhawa who marked his name in the hearts of people through his anchoring and singing skills is now running into the headlines for upcoming film ‘Shooter’. The film which was earlier made on the life of Gangster Sukha Kahlon’s is no more based on his journey

Further, Jayy’s mind blasting body transformation for the movie will surely fetch you to the theaters. His iconic body transformation for this particular movie caught the attention of the entire Punjabi Industry and the audience of Punjab.

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As for the film, the artist had to do a lot of hard work. He had to find the directors and the team himself for the movie. After the team was ready, their first target was to lose weight. Jayy was 68 kgs then and he had to lose 10kgs to look like Sucha. But they were left with only 15 days and losing 10 kgs seemed next to impossible to everyone. But Jayy didn’t lose hope and boosted himself to accepted the challenge.

But he couldn’t straight away hit the gym, he couldn’t take heavy diet or heavy protein as his body had become very weak. Everything had to be done with proper care and delicacy. He could only eat fruits as he is a vegetarian. He went for a run three times a day. He couldn’t even workout in the gym because it helps in gaining muscles. So, the only option left was running and canceling his heavy diet. So, he worked hard and within 5 days he lost 4 kgs of weight.

But directors of the film were not happy because he still had muscles in his arms which was not the look they wanted. So, he went on the treadmill and did exercises to weaken his muscles. And slowly and steadily his workout started increasing which ultimately affected his internal body. He fainted and at one point of time, his body left him but then also he buckled up himself and lost 10 kgs in 15 days.

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In one of the interviews he revealed that he wants the audience to know he’s worked his arse off for this and wants them to watch the movie for everyone’s hard work. Jayy Randhawa proved that he is an actor with his astounding determination, exceptional dedication and discipline to get into the perfect shape for the various schedules of the movie.

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