Here Is How Mahi Sharma Reacted To Being Called A Model

Here Is How Mahi Sharma Reacted To Being Called A Model

Former Miss Amritsar, Mahi Sharma is an Indian actress who has been a part of many music videos like Barood Dil, Naagmani, Tu Meri Ki Lagdi and many more. Apart from songs she also acted in the movie Dulla Bhatti.

Mahi Sharma posted a Q&A video on her youtube channel recently in which she was seen answering fans’ questions. And an admirer asked her about the age when she decided to be a model. To which Mahi first corrected the question that acting in a song video should not be considered in the modelling. 

As the featured artist has to enact for the song’s video, hence it requires acting skills. So whenever someone addresses her as a model, she does not like that and never took it as a comment. She explained that modelling is a whole different stream and models are engaged in ramp shows performing the walking. According to Mahi, people should never address an actress who featured in songs as a model.

Later she answered the question, at the age of 17 she started her journey and worked in the direction to pursue her passion.

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