Here Is Shehnaaz Gill’s Secret To Weight Loss! You Can Try The Tricks Too

Bigg Boss 13 fame and Punjabi superstar Shehnaaz Gill always hits the headlines for her unique stints. This time again she manageD to make her name pop in the news portals. As everyone knows that she went through a major transformation and really worked hard on herself. 

The actress recently revealed that she dropped 12 kilos in 6 months by following a stern diet and fitness regime. In a recent talk show, Shehnaaz revealed a secret drink that helped her shed kilos during the lockdown. 

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She said, “In the lockdown, I thought, why not do something new? So that when people see me, they will be like, is this Shehnaaz?” Shehnaaz told Shilpa on her show ‘Shape Of You’ that she continued to have the typical Indian breakfast, which includes dosas and methi parathas. 

Rather than avoiding herself from having something, she now keeps a check on her diet potions instead. She said, “After waking up in the morning, the first thing I used to have was haldi water, and now I have started drinking apple cider vinegar water. Post that I have my breakfast. I sometimes eat green gram, dosa or methi paratha. I have a high-protein breakfast.”

She further added that she still eats the same things that she used to but the portion size has been decreased. She then added, if someone offers something to her, at that time she knows she has to say no for her sake as she can’t eat to make someone else happy.

The multi-talented star also shared that her first and foremost step in her fitness journey was to enhance her willpower and not get persuaded or distracted by anything that comes her way. You can watch the full interview here:

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