Here Is What Made Diljit Watch A Movie In Theatre For The First Time

Are you also from the time, when parents didn’t allow their kids to watch movies in theaters and they used to think that it would ruin their kids and their innocence? Back then, kids weren’t allowed to watch movies and especially in the theaters otherwise it was time to declare war in the family.

Our favourite artist Diljit also belongs to the similar culture. Diljit’s mother thought it was best for him to learn and get better education in town and so she sent him to his uncle’s place. No one likes separating from their family at such an early age and Diljit felt the same.

Although his mother only wanted the best for him, Diljit couldn’t understand it at that point of time and he stayed angry with his mother for a really long time. Just like every other kid, Diljit wanted to do the exact opposite of what his mother asked and therefore went to watch a movie.

All in all, Diljit’s mother didn’t want him to watch movies but it was the anger for his mom that made him watch his very first movie in the theater in order to show that he was upset with his mother.

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