Here Is What Will Keep Punjab 1984 The Most Special Forever

Punjab 1984 was released in 2014 and since then it has impressed countless fans. The movie not only touched hearts and recalled what happened in 1984 riots, but also made us fall in love with the entire team.

There is a lot that needs to be highlighted and talked about. Hence today, we have decided to appreciate this movie in detail.

We are sure if you have watched the movie, you must already know the value of this movie. But if by any chance you have missed this entertainer, we will help you to know why you should watch it now.

Emotional yet Informative 

Who doesn’t know about what Punjab witnessed and experienced during the 1984 riots? At-least every Punjabi does. Punjab 1984 is based on the lives of a mother and her missing son during the same insurgency. 

The story will not only make your eyes wet throughout the movie, but also keep adding to your information as well. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Punjab 1984 will give you a small glimpse of what happened during 1984 and what innocent people had to face.

Milestone of Punjabi Cinema

Those who believe that Punjabi Cinema can only serve us laughter, need to open their eyes and watch movies like Punjab 1984.

This movie has proved the quality level of the Punjabi Cinema. We have watched it and we can proudly say that Punjabi Film Industry is not only about funny movies. 

Sensitive & Heart-touching

As already mentioned, Punjab 1984 is based on the 1984 riots which impacted the lives of many. Hence it’s very obvious that the plot of the movie is extremely sensitive, emotional and heart-touching as well.

It might give you uncontrollable tears, that’s why we suggest you keep a box of tissues beside you while watching Punjab 1984.

Amazing Actors

The appreciation of Punjab 1984 can never be completed without applauding for the amazing casting. 

The movie stars some extremely talented actors who got opportunities to prove their skills and let the fans know that they aren’t only perfect for glamorous plots. 

Starring Diljit Dosanjh, Kirron Kher, Pavan Malhotra, Sonam Bajwa, and Rana Ranbir as the leading characters, Punjab 1984 has an absolutely rich cast.

National Level Recognition

The movie Punjab 1984 not only impressed fans and critics of Punjabi Cinema but also earned a national level recognition. 

It won the National Award for Best Punjabi Feature Film for its searing portrayal of how

ordinary lives and simple dreams are shattered in a time of militancy.

Apart from this, Punjab 1984 also won 10 awards at PTC Punjabi Film Award for Best Film- White Hill Productions, Best Actor- Diljit Dosanjh, Best Performance in Negative Role- Pavan Malhotra, Best Playback Singer- Harshdeep Kaur, Best Music Director- Gurmeet Singh, Jatinder Shah & Nick Dhammu Gurmoh, Best Lyricist- Raj Ranjodh, Best Cinematography- Anshul Chobey, Best Background Score- Raju Singh, Critics Award for Best Actress- Kirron Kher, Critics Award for Best Director- Anurag Singh.

Amazing Direction & Cinematography

Directed by Anurag Singh, Punjab 1984 impressed the fans and everyone. We cannot appreciate Anurag enough for how he has made the final outcome of the movie. Also it is very important to highlight the amazing cinematography by Anshul Chobey. Each and every shot is hard hitting and loud.


The movie Punjab 1984 was not only a hit at Box office, but also a musical hit. We loved its background score and the entire playlist. 

It consists of beautiful songs like Ammi Uddek Di, Rabb Meri Umar, Awwal Allah Noor Upaya, and Kismat. 

Can you ever get bored of these? WE CANNOT!

Punjab 1984 has our heart and we can never get over the impact of this movie. We surely believe it is a movie that is one of its kinds and will remain special forever and ever. 

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