Here Is When Anurag Kashyap Called Jagjeet Sandhu & Appreciated His Acting Skills

How would you react if all of a sudden you receive a phone call from your favorite actor, celebrity or the person you idolize the most? Most probably this feeling would be overwhelming and inexpressive. 

And something just like that had happened with popular actor Jagjeet Sandhu as well. It’s Jadjeet Sandhu’s birthday today, and we have brought this special story of his life for you on this special occasion. 

Jagjeet has been a part of various renowned Punjabi & Hindi projects, and Paatal Lok was one among them. He was seen playing the character named Tope Singh aka Chaku. His performance in the series was much appreciated and even brought him a direct phone call from none other than his favorite director Anurag Kashyap. 

When asked about his reaction to it, he revealed that in the first place he didn’t believe it was a real call from Kashyap. He thought it’s a recorded call that is usually used to promote movies. But when Anurag Kashyap started talking in English and appreciating his work in Paatak Lok, it worked as a pinch on his skin. He was brought in senses and believed that the man he was talking to was really Anurag Kashyap himself.

This is not all, because Anurag Kashyap also invited him to meet him at his place in Mumbai, but unfortunately, Jagjeet was in Chandigarh that time. But Kashyap told him that whenever he comes to Mumbai, the first thing he should be doing is meet Anurag Kashyap.

This incident seems more like a made-up tale but is not. Jagjeet Sandhu has earned all the love, respect and appreciation he is receiving today. 

Team Kiddaan wishes Jagjeet a very happy birthday.

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