Here Is When Sargun Mehta Could’ve Seriously Hurt Harrdy Sandhu

Sargun Mehta has been successful in becoming the queen bee of the Punjabi Industry with the help of her commendable acting skills and strong dedication. And on the other hand, Harrdy Sandhu is no less of a heartthrob. His fan following among ladies can never be defined in words. 

Also both of them share a beautiful bond of friendship with each other. And this was the reason behind their first collaboration in Jaani’s song Titliaan being a huge hit. 

People loved their chemistry and on-screen pair.

But do you know it was the same project where Sargun was accidentally going to hurt Harrdy? 

Yes you read that right.

While the shooting was on, Sargun was practicing her scenes with the sword and she jokingly put the sword on Harrdy’s neck as well.

But immediately she was informed that the sword was real and could seriously hurt people.

After knowing this, Sargun and Harrdy both were surprised and bursted out laughing. And fortunately the moment was caught on camera as well. 

The team later shared the video on their social media platforms and the video also went viral.

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